Loomis Acupuncture...uniquely compassionate care for your health

My aim is to help you feel better with

  • acupuncture
  • Chinese herbs
  • biodynamic craniosacral therapy
  • BioSynchronistics®
  • I am uniquely qualified to treat your ailment. My 19 years of experience as a licensed acupuncturist have led me to specialize in

    1,850 hours of training; 5 years of teaching (graduate level)
    1,850 hours of education; 5 years of teaching (graduate level)
    700 hours of training
    810 hours of education




    These treatments often prove to be effective when conventional Western medical treatments are not, such as for relief of chronic pain.

    Please call, book online, or email now to set up an appointment and enjoy browsing the website. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

    Kathryn Loomis, Licensed Acupuncturist