“Kathryn’s craniosacral therapy is transformative!  Behind her gentle, respectful touch and quiet manner lay the skill and sensitivity that created an environment for my body to release and my spirit to soar.  I saw Kathryn almost weekly for the better part of a year and yet each session was unique and different.  I highly recommend her work!”   (N.K., May 2011)


“I am 57 years old and have had varicose veins since my twenties. In 2004, I began developing ulcers on my left shin, a symptom of the varicose veins. In 2007, I was able to afford surgery to strip the veins. My doctor told me that he would clean out the area behind the ulcers and that they would heal.

One of the ulcers never healed. This largest ulcer was a spot about 2.5″ long and 1.25″ wide. It would try to form a scab, but the scab was soft, itchy and would break up and flake off. When I scratched, the wound would bleed.

In August 2011, I consulted with Kathryn Loomis about my ulcer. She suggested that I try an acupuncture burn treatment to stimulate the circulation and help it to heal. I began to see a change before the end of the first week, and, after doing the treatment for one month, the itching was gone and the surface skin had healed. Now, more than six months later, the skin color is returning to normal.

I had been unable to wear shorts or dresses above my ankles for more than eight years. I couldn’t swim in public pools. This year, I’m looking forward to summer!”  (E.S., March 2012)


“Kathryn is a treasure, a true healer whom I highly recommend. She offers acupuncture and biodynamic craniosacral therapy as well as herbs. I usually have a combined acupuncture and craniosacral session, which I would recommend to anyone looking to address imbalances at a more fundamental level. The biodynamic craniosacral work is very deep (more so than the more usual Upledger craniosacral therapies) and takes one to a place of great stillness that invokes the body’s natural healing abilities. I have been seeing Kathryn regularly for more than a year and have witnessed a remarkable improvement in my physical and mental health during this time. I have probably worked with 8 or 10 acupuncturists over the past 20 years and Kathryn undoubtedly brings more holistic skill and wisdom to her work than others I’ve known.  Very highly recommended!” (L.N., January 2015)