BioSynchronistics® is a gentle manual method to relieve physical imbalances. It was developed by Cheryl Wilbur, PT and Carol Tschirpke, PT of Quality Physical Therapy, Inc..

A fellow faculty member at the New England School of Acupuncture (NESA) introduced me to BioSynchronistics®. She has been a teaching assistant for the program for years. The method sounded interesting, and I had several sessions of just BioSynchronistics® with her. Wow! Instantly relaxing, with very light touch. When standing afterwards, I felt like my feet were solidly on the ground – my entire body felt solidly present (in a good way). What happened? Okay, I needed to study this too.

I took the training program last year.  It combines well with acupuncture and/or craniosacral therapy, addressing some physical imbalances with gentle touch prior to acupuncture.
This is the description of BioSynchronistics® from the website:

“BioSynchronistics® is a therapeutic method in which gentle hands-on pressure is applied knowledgeably in a scientifically coordinated way to bring your body into balance. Your body ‘remembers’ everything significant that happens to it. And your body has an inherent ability to heal itself. BioSynchronistics®, which uses physics for healthy results, helps your body to move in the right direction.”