battlefield acupuncture

A treatment protocol using auricular acupuncture developed by Richard Niemtzow, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H..

A colleague took Dr. Niemtzow’s course several years ago, and excitedly told me about his demonstration in the class treating someone for xerostomia (dry mouth), a side effect from radiotherapy for their oral cancer. My colleague was very enthusiastic because of the striking effects from the class demonstration. She was also impressed that Dr. Niemtzow publishes his treatment protocol for this procedure on his website, in an effort to help as many people as possible. When I heard this, I was determined to study with Dr. Niemtzow. I finally took his class last year, and I am now offering his treatment protocols for specific health issues.

The battlefield acupuncture treatment assists in pain relief, for both acute and chronic pain. It has been used by the military in the field, as well as in military hospitals for chronic pain patients.

How often do I need Battlefield Acupuncture?
Dr. Niemtzow recommends treatment every second or third day for the first 2-3 sessions. Patients are then asked to return whenever their symptoms return – this could be day, week, or month intervals, depending on the individual.

Why do you list Battlefield Acupuncture differently from your ‘Simply Acupuncture’ service?
Battlefield Acupuncture is an active treatment protocol, that requires participation from the patient. Typically the Battlefield Acupuncture treatment is limited to acupuncture points on the ears. This allows the patient to move freely. Special retained needles (gold or stainless steel) are applied to the ears, combined with physical movement (walking), to achieve the treatment goal. Treatment time is variable, as the treatment ends once the treatment goals are met.

Simply Acupuncture and Blended Therapies are restful treatments. Acupuncture points are chosen on the arms, legs, and body (not limited to the ears). This requires the patient to lie in a comfortable position, with limited movement.