What’s the Point? May

Welcome Fragrance (ying xiang)

LI 20 (LI refers to the Large Intestine channel, 20 is the number of the point on the channel)

Welcome Fragrance

Welcome Fragrance is located next to the nose, in the grooves adjacent to the base of the nostrils.

We are still experiencing high pollen levels, and Welcome Fragrance is a point you can self-massage to help alleviate some of your allergic reactions to the pollen. Welcome Fragrance can unblock the nose (welcoming in fragrances/smells). It can be used for conditions including rhinitis (runny or stuffy nose), sinusitis, facial swelling and facial itching.

One method for massaging the point, Welcome Fragrance, is using friction by sliding your hand down the side of your nose. Place the base of your thumb at the top side of your nose, just below your eye. Slide your hand down so that the entire side of your thumb slides along the side of your nose. The movement is completed when the tip of your thumb reaches your lips. Repeat this sliding motion 36 times. Only apply touch when moving your hand downward. You can do this motion with both hands at the same time, quickly. Avoid excessive pressure – you do not want to feel any pain with this friction massage. You should feel penetrating warmth.

Try this massage at Welcome Fragrance several times a day to relieve your allergy symptoms.

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NOTE: Selected words are capitalized to indicate that they represent Chinese medical theoretical concepts. They do not refer to the western medical concept of the organs.